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Join us for a virtual version of UNCG’s Science Everywhere. Find the topics, presentations, and experiments that are right for you and connect from where ever you are. You can learn from UNCG students, staff, graduate students, and faculty. See a presentation from a man who has an asteroid named after him because of all of the science he has conducted in space!

Save the dates April 20-22, 2022

Science Everywhere will continue with our “Virtual Version” this year as we bring you more videos, virtual live events, and special sessions. Programming is being developed now and we are excited to bring Science to Everyone in all age groups.

You can still watch over 300 videos from this site and we are adding more in preparation for Science Everywhere 2022. You can click on Video Category or Video Showcase in the menu above to find the video topics.

One highlight this year will be the inaugural Dr. Steven Nils Ulosevich RISE Speaker Series lecture, which will be given by Dr. Marcy Towns. She is the Bodner-Honig Professor of Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry at Purdue University and her research group uses a variety of qualitative and quantitative research methods to investigate the factors that affect how students learn chemistry. We want to thank the Ulosevich family for supporting this event. To learn more about Dr. Ulosevich’s connection to UNCG, click here. To view the welcome to this lecture series from the Ulosevich family, please see the video below.

Visit this site often and definately come back in early April to reserve your spot in our virtual presentations.

Download our flyer in English here or in Spanish here.

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